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The ARENZ Story

While many people think ARENZ is simply a supplier of health and safety products, the company is about much more.  

So, while we are NZ’s largest supplier of Asbestos Removal Equipment, our business is fundamentally about people, and their health and wellbeing.   

Our core purpose is to make New Zealand a cleaner and safer place to live, work and play for everyone and we have been a driving force for change in the industry.  

Ian Napier, ARENZ’s director has a long and proud history of serving New Zealanders both as a policeman and in the military, and his passion for serving his people is the driving force behind ARENZ.  

ARENZ was created by Ian as there were no companies who supported removalists with the appropriate safe and legally required equipment to handle asbestos, and therefore the health and safety of people were at risk.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, when there were several new companies involved in Asbestos removal we were not only supplying equipment, we were actively involved in upskilling our customers and passing on knowledge on how to operate and comply with standards.  

We happily guided these other firms even though ARENZ also operated its own competing removal firm (something we no longer do). This is a perfect demonstration of our genuine passion for the health and safety of people being more important than revenue and profits.

While the focus was initially on providing products for the Asbestos removal industry, it was a natural and logical step to supply general workplace health and safety products across a wide range of industries, such as machinery and Personal Protective Equipment.

We have purpose made decontamination facilities in the three main centres which undertake  equipment servicing and testing.  

Knowledge and Trust

Ian has significant experience on the front line removing asbestos himself, and from day one ensured he complied with the latest New Zealand standards.  This means he understands the standards that a health and safety conscious work place must have.  

We firmly believe we have the best product knowledge in the country – it’s this experience and skill that has led to us becoming NZ’s biggest supplier to the Asbestos removal industry.

Customers know they can trust us as we never attempt to sell a product that does not meet their needs. This has resulted in us gaining many long-term industry customers who have total confidence in ARENZ, our team, our products and our after sales service.

The bulk of our customers come from the construction and demolition industries, and these are customers who want to comply with industry standards and are equally dedicated to the protection of their own employees and clients.

Ordering from ARENZ is easy.  There are outlets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and secure online ordering right here on the website.

Pride in our community – Fire and Emergency NZ

We are proud supporters of Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is a unified fire organisation that brings together New Zealand’s rural and urban fire services.

Without Fire and Emergency New Zealand volunteers, there would be no local fire brigades or fire forces to respond to emergencies.

Steve Pickering, our Wellington Manager, has been with the Levin Volunteer Fire Brigade for almost 25 years and is currently a Station Officer.

We are proud to support Steve and the Levin community by ensuring Steve can prioritise his volunteer responsibilities whenever emergencies arise.

Our Standards and Ethics

We take pride in operating with exceedingly high ethics, and will never deviate from these.  These standards apply to all areas of the business.  So, while our customers are a top priority, our staff at ARENZ are treated with the exact same level of respect and professionalism and we will never deviate from this.  

The same applies to suppliers and other industry stakeholders, they are all highly valued partners, part of the wider ARENZ family and we hope you’ll join them.

Or if you simply want to discuss your next project, contact us today.