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The ARENZ and Beacon Safety Story

Formerly known as ARENZ as a supplier of health and safety products to the asbestos removal and construction industry. We are also one of the largest suppliers of asbestos removal equipment to the New Zealand market.

Our business has always been based on people and the duty of care to our industry and the wider country, with a desire to make New Zealand a cleaner and safer place to live.

Ian Napier, previously ARENZ’s owner, originally set up as there were no companies who supported removalists with the appropriate safety and legally required equipment to handle asbestos, therefore putting the health and safety of people at risk.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, several new companies were involved in asbestos removal to whom we supplied equipment but also got actively involved in upskilling our customers and passing on our knowledge on how to operate and comply with standards. This is a perfect demonstration of Beacon’s genuine passion for the health and safety of people being more important than revenue and profits.

While the focus was initially on providing products and services to the asbestos removal industry, it was a natural and logical step to look at supplying a wider range of industries, such as construction, demolition, and machinery.

Beacon Safety

Beacon Safety was born from a web inquiry that instigated an initial conversation with Bernie, now Managing Director, back in 2018 when ARENZ was looking for more cost-effective and higher quality equipment designed for the asbestos removal industry. Bernie and Danny, Beacon’s Director, slowly built a relationship that eventually led to the first purchase of some Beacon International negative pressure units (NPUs). ARENZ was delighted with the quality and began to get regular shipments of NPUs. This continued to forge the relationship between the two businesses.

In April 2021, ARENZ was bought by Beacon International. Beacon International is a family-run business based in the UK and has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality services and equipment to the asbestos removal and construction industries for over 30 years. This was the birth of Beacon Safety and an exciting opportunity for both businesses to join forces and share our expertise.

Beacon International in the UK has been designing and manufacturing equipment specifically for the asbestos industry from the beginning and is a core part of how the business started. We continually develop and innovate to provide the best solutions to our industries. 

Over the last year, we have been working hard on bringing the brand forward, and in January, we launched a new e-commerce website and MyAccount service. This is to allow our business customers to self-service quickly and efficiently. We also work closely with all our customers to get to know them and better understand their business, offering tailored discounts, services, and equipment certificates library to ensure all key information is at hand, and much more. Learn more.

Our Standards and Ethics

We take pride in operating with exceedingly high ethics and pride ourselves on the quality of products and services we take to market. Customers are a top priority and something we are passionate about. Our people are what make our brand and business at Beacon Safety and are treated with the exact same level of respect and professionalism, and we will never deviate from this. 

The same applies to suppliers and other industry stakeholders. They are all highly valued partners that we like to build long-term relationships with and class as the wider Beacon Safety family.