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DOP, Pat and Airflow Testing

DOP Testing of NPU’s and H Class Vacuums

The Legal Requirement

These devices must comply with the ASNZS 60335.2.69 and are required to be tested every six months in accordance with the ACOP November 2016 page 173 27.3 states that NPU’s should comply with BS 8520-2 which in turn states page 6 6.1 (f) “A statement that the system should be examined or, where deemed necessary by the manufacturer, serviced at least once every six months by a competent person”

This service is provided by Beacon Safety at each of our three sites in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland that complies with the Worksafe New Zealand requirements.

If your device requires testing please follow the procedure below.

  1. Call your nearest store and arrange a time for delivery or freighting if necessary.
  2. Remove dirty bag/H13 pre filter from device. If the bag compartment is soiled please clean this out as best you can.
  3. Clean/wipe down the outside of the machine and seal all inlets and outlets with the covers or caps, then please wrap and tape seal it in 200um polythene. Devices that are dirty or incorrectly sealed will not be accepted into our workshops as they pose a hazard to our staff.
  4. Please inform our staff if there are any faults you may have noticed with the machine so these can be rectified during servicing.

Our staff will endeavour to have your machine serviced within 48 hours of its arrival at our workshop (dependent on work load). You will be informed of when you can expect servicing to be complete and you will be advised by your choice of email or phone call when it is ready for pickup.

Testing/Servicing Charges

Charges are as follows:(Prices exclude GST)

  • Decontaminate per machine: $150
  • DOP Test per Machine: $180
  • ARENZ Supplied unit decontaminate discounted charge: $120
  • ARENZ Supplied unit DOP test discounted charge: $120

There will also be an additional charge for each H13 pre filter or Vac bag as required.

If the machine arrives with a H13 pre filter or vac bag installed, this will be considered as contaminated and disposed of accordingly. A new one will be required to be fitted for the DOP testing. You will be charged for this accessory. If you wish to supply your own filter or bag, please send this to us separately (not installed).

If the HEPA main filter fails or any other part of the device requires repair, you will be contacted by our staff to gain permission for any other work to be performed, such as replacing the HEPA.

We do realise that the turn around of your devices is crucial for your business and we aim to support you. Please also be aware that we have very busy periods so an early appointment or booking will ensure that any delays are minimal.

What about non Beacon Safety supplied devices?

We do service devices that were not sourced from us, though please click here for the details of how this works.

Your machine will be returned to you with a relevant test certificate giving the pass result of the DOP testing and for NPU’s the airflow calculation will be reported on the same certificate. The machine will also be PAT tested if you have supplied the leads.

For vacuum cleaners, please do not send in the hoses or tools. These cannot be decontaminated and are of no use for DOP testing.

Our engineers will advise you of blocked HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestors) Filters which potential can burst as illustrated above

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure vacuums are double bagged and negative pressure units have the transit plates fixed and sealed
  • Please ensure vacuums have waste removed and negative pressure units have clean filters fitted