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Reliable Respirator Mask Testing

Respirator Fit Testing

The fit testing of respirators for asbestos removal work is now mandatory for all workers removing asbestos. We provide this service using the quantitative method.

Passing a quantitative test proves that the facepiece is sized correctly and the person knows how to put it on properly.

What does the Fit testing include?

The PortaCount Respirator Fit Test Offers:

  • Faster fit testing, real-time feedback
  • Enhanced training with real-time fit factor
  • Objective fit testing, eliminating the guess work

Each person tested receives a printed report informing of type, model and size of respirator tested. Fit test factor signed by a competent fit test operator, as well as a printed plastic card duplicating these details.

This report is valid for one year. All wearers of respirators must be tested annually or when they have gained an amount of weight or lost an amount of weight.

Also, if the facial features have changed by way of dental surgery or other such methods testing must be done.

The tests are performed at either of our three sites or we will travel to your site to perform the testing if required. We will require a suitable office or similar such area, with a desk and chair.

What we need to perform the testing

There is also the requirement for two power points. Generator supplied power is not suitable unless provided by an inverter type.

All persons to be tested must be clean shaven and if they smoke, not to have smoked for at least 30 minutes before the test. Please note that we do charge for this type of failure.

If you are supplying your own respirators, they must all have new clean filters.

Respirator Fit Testing Fees

Fees are as follows: (Prices quoted are exclusive of GST)

  • Annual test $85
  • ARENZ supplied negative pressure respirator, initial test $55
  • ARENZ supplied full powered PAPR, initial test FREE
  • Travel to site $100 plus travel costs, POA

If you require testing to be performed please contact your nearest store to make an appointment.

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure masks arrive clean and free of contaminates
  • Please ensure the battery and blower are provided with the mask
  • Please ensure all serial numbers are visible so that they can be recorded accurately