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Inspect and re-certify working from Height equipment

Inspection of Contaminated Working from Height Equipment

Working From Height Equipment Maintenance and Inspection. As we know, preventing falls from height is a priority for MBIE and Worksafe NZ, and working at height is expected to be actively managed so that people are not harmed.

In the asbestos industry, it has become apparent that one area lacking when considering the purchasing and use of Working at Height equipment is the maintenance and certification when due.  

As we know, any Asbestos containing material is hazardous when exposed under certain circumstances. In addition, Beacon Safety has noted that the Harnesses, Ropes and Lanyards used in this industry have not been maintained or certified safely. 

Anecdotal information obtained by Beacon Safety finds that it appears that due to a lack of options, the standard in the industry for their equipment is either not getting it inspected at all or falsifying records. 

­­There are admissions of failing to disclose to an external inspector that the equipment has been exposed to Asbestos or any other contamination— all unsatisfactory practices

With this in mind, Beacon Safety has had its Decontamination Technicians undertake training directly from the manufacturers of working at height equipment. This training qualifies them to Inspect and re-certify working from Height equipment in controlled decontamination units. The process developed by Beacon Safety allows safe collection, inspection, rejection, certification and return of any contaminated Harness, Rope or Lanyard. 

The equipment is received in a sealed container and taken into the Decontamination Unit, where a technician in full PPE lightly cleans and inspects the harness as per AS/NZS 1891 parts 1 – 4. The equipment has new inspection tags applied and placed into a sealed container for return to the customer. The container has a verification sticker to identify the equipment and its next inspection due date. 

This process is not only limited to the asbestos industry, but any contaminated equipment and hopefully offers a solution to the current unsatisfactory practices. 

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How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure vacuums are double bagged and negative pressure units have the transit plates fixed and sealed
  • Please ensure vacuums have waste removed and negative pressure units have clean filters fitted