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Beacon Safety: Beyond Business – Building Communities and Touching Lives

Beacon Safety’s commitment to safeguarding lives doesn’t end with providing top-notch safety equipment; it extends into the heart of our community through meaningful sponsorships and support initiatives. This year, our partnerships have demonstrated the depth and sincerity of our commitment.

Supporting Vital Missions with Westpac
Our latest collaboration with Westpac underscores our ethos of saving lives and supporting our community heroes. The 873 vital missions flown by Westpac since the year’s start stand as a testament to the critical work we’re proud to back. Bernie, at Beacon Safety, explains, “It’s an absolute honour to contribute to Westpac’s life-saving missions. Each mission resonates with our core value of protecting and serving the community.” Utilizing the 2023 Corporate Supporter logo in our communications serves as a daily reminder of the life-saving impact of these missions and our role in supporting them.

Advocating for Health with MSAA
Our heartfelt involvement in the MSAA Golf charity event highlighted our commitment to those impacted by mesothelioma. It was an event not just of sport but of spirit and solidarity, aligning perfectly with our mission to contribute to the well-being of our fellow New Zealanders.

Enabling Joy with SCCP
Anticipation is building for the Special Children’s Christmas Parties, where we aim to turn moments into memories for children facing challenging circumstances. Beacon Safety is not just a sponsor but a proud participant in the joy and happiness of these incredible children.

Raising Industry Standards with FAMANZ & NZDAA
Our support for FAMANZ and NZDAA through keynote speaking engagements and advertising partnerships reflects our dedication to elevating industry standards and ensuring safety in asbestos management and demolition.

As we continue through 2023, Beacon Safety’s vision remains unwavering: to create a cleaner, safer New Zealand while supporting the fabric of our community. Each of our sponsorships and partnerships is a testament to our dedication to this vision, strengthening our resolve to make a difference in every way we can