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Photo of a construction worker wearing protective gear to shield against hazardous silica dust exposure while operating heavy machinery in a silica-rich environment.

Silica Dust Protection: A Comprehensive Guide for the Construction Industry

Silica dust, a pervasive and often under-acknowledged hazard in the construction industry, presents serious health risks to workers. With the rise of construction projects in New Zealand, the potential for silica exposure escalates, calling for stringent protective measures. Our comprehensive guide lays the foundation for a robust silica dust protection protocol, essential for safeguarding the…

The LINQ - Essential Basic Roofers Kit By Beacon Safety Ltd

5 Types of Safety Harnesses and When to Use Them

We will cover the different types of safety harnesses available on the market and explain when you should use them. When working at height, you need to use the correct safety harnesses to minimize the risk of injury. The importance of safety harnesses.  The importance of safety harnesses is not only limited to the fact…

Mask Care and Maintenance: How-to-Guide

Mask Care and Maintenance: How-to-Guide

Masks or respiratory protective equipment (RPE) are designed for the protection of the user and to help prevent the inhalation of hazardous materials such as asbestos which can cause serious long-term health conditions later in life. It is crucial that this equipment is not neglected as it can have severe impacts on protection levels, so…