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Face Fit Testing

Beacon International offer a Face Fit Testing service, carried out by our accredited Fit2Fit engineers.

Quantitative face fit testing is carried out using our Portacount face fit testing machines giving accurate results which gives complete reassurance to any person exposed to potentially harmful environments.

Why do a Face Fit test?

Best Protection Guarantee

Quantitative face fit testing determines the integrity of the mask and its seal onto your face and therefore scientifically proving that your mask is giving you the correct protection. During your test you will be prompted to carry out various movements and breathing exercises to simulate real working conditions.

Personalised Service

A certificate will be generated and given to you with your personal test data. The machine measures and compares the ambient air against the air inside your mask.

Good quality mask generally provide a good face fit pass rate whereas cheaper mask will more often than not fail.

Convenient & Professional

Our engineers can provide free impartial advice as to the best mask suited to your specific situation and environment.

Face fit testing can be carried at one of our depots or at a location to suit your needs.

How do I prepare?

  • Please ensure candidates are clean shaven on the day, do not smoke or drink coffee 2hrs before the test.
  • If the face fit test is at your location, we will require a clean and quiet work area and a standard 240 volt power supply.
  • Each face fit test takes 15-20 minutes, please bear this in mind if you would like us to test large numbers of personnel.