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Handy hints for looking after your waste water management system

If you don’t read the instruction manual, please read this!

I have listed some common issues that first time users of the AMS decontamination shower and water management system (WMS) generally have.

  1. Connect the hoses as illustrated on the diagram supplied. The larger diameter hose with the “Y” goes from the (WMS) to the shower supply.
  2. As a hint it pays to use thread tape on all the hose and tape connections.
  3. The hose with the two valves are for the waste drains. The valves purpose is so that if one tray is empty before the other during draining, that valve should be closed. Otherwise the pump will just suck air and the full tray will not empty.
  4. Once all your hoses are connected fill the water container with fresh clean water. Inside the container is a white plastic float switch. This will not allow the unit to turn on until the filling water has lifted the float. This is to protect the emersion heater from melting. Also to protect the heater, the WMS has a tilt switch where if the machine is on an angle of 35deg or more, it will not activate.
  5. Check the “O” ring in the top of each of the filter cylinders is in place. If this is missing the pump will suck air and the unit will not pump water. If this is not remedied it may result in the pump motor being burnt out. There can be a tendency for staff to dump the ‘O” ring when changing filters.
  6. The temp dial on the front panel should be set to the desired temperature. Note the control is factory set at a max of 43C to stop the risk of staff being burnt. Once the desired temp is reached the light on the panel will go from red to green and you are ready to shower.
  7. Once the shower head is opened the pump pressure switch will activate and both the supply and waste pump will operate. When the shower is shut off the waste pump will continue to run as it is set on a timer to drain the tray. If, when the timer shuts the waste pump off and there is still water in the tray, press the silver manual override button on the panel. This will allow you to get the last of the water out.
  8. Please ensure you change the filters regularly. If they are clogged it will put undue pressure on the pump motor and you will risk damaging the pump. Also ensure the correct size of filter is in the correct cylinder. It has been found that a firm had two 5mic filters installed, which damaged the pump. Also if you are in a particularly dirty workplace it is handy to put a square metre mat of G4 media filter in the bottom of the shower tray. This will serve as a pre-filter and stop the large grit particles blocking your filters. When you change the filters use the supplied tool. Only use this tool (spanner) when undoing the cylinders, hand tighten when replacing them.
  9. You will see on both the inlet side (under the front panel) and the waste hose (external) there is a clear sight cover. If you undo this you will find inside a fine metal mesh. Regularly check this is clear of algae etc. When storing the unit between jobs remove and dispose of the filters and dry the unit out to prevent the growth of mould and algae.
  10. Do not use soap in the showers as this will only result in clogged filters. The shower is for the removal of dust only. Only use the manufacturers recommended cleaning agent for the showers (Bactrasan) as this cleaner will not damage the seals etc in the pumps.1

Issued by ARE(NZ)Ltd

B Duff