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How to apply Bostik ET-150

How to apply Bostik ET-150

How to apply Bostik ET-150: Bostik ET-150 Sprayable Vapour Barrier Coating has been designed as a shielding layer when working on surfaces that have a high risk of containing hazardous substances such as asbestos. It is generally associated with being an asbestos encapsulant and a protective coating for internal and external insulated piping equipment and air conditioning ducting.

All work related to the removal and disposal of asbestos should be carried out in line with regulations and best codes of practice. This ensures construction workers are not exposed to airborne fibres on a job and protect friends and family from secondary exposure.  

Apply Bostik ET-150 with a brush or spray. When it dries, it forms a durable, water-proof and flexible finish.  

Bostik ET-150 is solvent-free, and fire tested to ensure it retains all its’ protective properties of polymers. 

Firstly, check the relevant coverage rates required for your job. 

Apply the specified minimum coverage rates below for the best results.

It is important to follow asbestos regulations when carrying out this kind of work. For more information, read ARCA’s ‘Guidance for the Encapsulation of Asbestos Containing Materials‘ or refer to page 62 in WorkSafe New Zealand’s ACOP: Management and removal of asbestos

How to use Bostik ET-150

Getting ready:

1.    Ensure the area is clean, dry and free from dust and oil.

2.    Bostik recommended that you have two different colours, this is so it is clearly visible when a full and even second coating has been applied.


Internal: Spray or brush on two coats, each at a rate of 3.2m2 per litre to achieve a dry film thickness of 0.5mm.

External: Spray or brush on two coats, each at a rate of 1m2 per litre and then a further second layer at a rate of 1.5m2 to achieve a dry film thickness of 0.8mm.

3.    To test if your coatings are dry, rub the surface gently with a damp cloth. If no colour rubs off, the layer is dry.


Simply wash your tools under cold water to remove ET-150. If the ET-150 has dried and hardened, then use white spirits.


Bostik ET150 needs to be sorted correctly.

Store and transport in an upright position with a tightly fitted lid. This product has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture if kept in its’ original packaging and unopened. Optimum conditions for storage is cool and dry, with a temperature of no less than +5°C or higher than +25°C. 

It should not be stored in direct sunlight and ensure it is never exposed to frost.


Read and follow the relevant safety precautions provided on the product datasheets. If you are unsure, then contact a professional for advice.

It is essential when working on-site that the correct respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn. This protects you, any employees or teams from exposure to harmful materials that can cause serious long-term illnesses.

Purchase products:

You can buy Bostik Indenden ET-150 sprayable vapour barrier coating here

These instructions from ‘Bostik Fact Sheet’ can be found here