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NPU & Vacuum Cleaner General Maintenance

We understand that the reliability of your equipment depends not only on the testing of equipment every 6 monthly. But the daily use and maintenance when your teams are using them.

Some friendly reminders to watch out for:

Vacuum Cleaners

  • Ensure that both caps are kept on the machine when not in use. This is to prevent cross-contamination inside the motor.
  • Clean the permatex filter at least every time you replace the bag.
  • Dents – if a dent happens on the lid, it may not be compressed properly and could cause a leak around the seal letting in contaminates.
  • Light flashing on the handle ? This could mean that you have a blockage either in the pipe,or if you are sucking up fine dust. EG: cement dust,  this can suffocate the bag and overheat the machine.
  • Clean up the bulk of the dust by hand and then use the vacuum cleaner.
  • Or, the option of using a separator can help.
  • Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners are not ‘wet n dry”

Negative Air Units

  • Never put the machine inside the enclosure as you will contaminate the motor end.
  • The pre-filter must be placed in vertical and MUST be tape in -This to to prevent dust going directly into the main hepa filter.
  • Change the pre filter regularly- depending on how  dusty the conditions are!
  • Vacuum in and around the hepa filter when replacing the Pre-filter.
  • Dust found inside the motor end will be treated as Asbestos and tested for possible contamination at the owners expense. Vent the machines outside ( Demolition sites can be bad for drawing in dust)
  • General care and maintenance of this equipment will ensure a good working lifespan and time saving. These is nothing worse than being frustrated with a vacuum cleaner that wont suck because the last guy didn’t clean it properly and the thing wont suck!
  • If any equipment has been dropped, there could be a chance of internal damage. Or, the main hepa filter has been damaged and dislodged.The machine may need to be inspected.

The above comments could be used in your daily checklists as part of your work procedures.