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Bactrasan Sanitiser 5 LTR

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SKU: 8000-0290-028

Introducing the Bactrasan Sanitiser 5 LTR a must-have product for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in New Zealand.

At Beacon Safety Ltd we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment. That’s why we have developed this powerful sanitiser specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in the industry.

The Bactrasan Sanitiser 5 LTR is a highly effective solution that eliminates harmful bacteria viruses and germs ensuring a clean and healthy workspace. Its advanced formula is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection giving you peace of mind knowing that your employees and clients are safe from potential health risks.

This sanitiser is easy to use and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including equipment tools and work areas. Its large 5 LTR size ensures that you have an ample supply to cover all your sanitising needs saving you time and money.

Trust Beacon Safety Ltd to provide you with top-quality products that are tailored to the unique requirements of the construction industry. Invest in the Bactrasan Sanitiser 5 LTR today and prioritize the health and safety of your team and clients.

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