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Beacon DG Waste Bags 3m3 and 2.4m3 Pallet Deal


The Beacon Safety DG Waste Bags is a fully contained, safe alternative way to pack, transport and dispose of asbestos and other dangerous goods or hazardous waste. No more wrapping with polythene or a mountain of asbestos bags on a site.

The bags are lined with a 200-micron clear polythene sheet and secures with heavy duty zippers to prevent possible accidental exposure. Another key feature of DG Waste Bags is that it eliminates the need to use a skip bin for transport. The bags can be placed directly on the collection vehicle and be transported to an approved landfill.

The 3-cube bag has a maximum loading capacity of 1000kg
Dimensions  2.5m (L) x 1.5m (W) x 0.80m (H)

These bags have been tested and certified to this capacity and a copy of the test certificate is available on request