Bostik Idenden 30-330 4L

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SKU: 8000-0280-047

Bostik 30-330 Dampstrip Asbestos Penetrant has been specially designed as a dust/fibre suppressant during the removal of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). Bostik 30-330 Dampstrip Asbestos Penetrant is a mobile water borne blue liquid which has been specifically formulated as an asbestos penetrant for use in the controlled damp stripping of asbestos containing materials. Bostik 30-330 Dampstrip Asbestos Penetrant contains powerful surfactants and low evaporation rate chemicals to quickly ‘wet out’ any asbestos matrix maintaining a damp state suitable for subsequent low fibre emission removal. It has been successfully used for the removal of hand or spray applied asbestos and various asbestos mixes with clays silicates and hard setting compounds.

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