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Dustpan & Brush Set

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SKU: 8000-0240-018

Introducing the Dustpan & Brush Set by Beacon Safety Ltd the perfect cleaning companion for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in the New Zealand market.

Designed with utmost precision and durability this high-quality set ensures efficient and hassle-free cleaning in any workspace. The dustpan features a wide mouth and deep design allowing for easy collection of debris dust and even larger particles. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use even in the toughest environments.

The accompanying brush is crafted with durable bristles that effectively sweep away dirt and debris leaving your workspace spotless. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip reducing strain and fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

Not only does this Dustpan & Brush Set offer exceptional functionality but it also prioritizes safety. Asbestos Removal Contractors can rely on this set to effectively clean up asbestos fibers minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring a safe working environment.

Invest in the Dustpan & Brush Set by Beacon Safety Ltd and experience the convenience and reliability that our products are known for. Trust in our commitment to providing top-notch safety equipment for the New Zealand market.

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