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Glove Bags QT18 14-18″ 10 Pack

SKU: 8500-0100-034

Introducing the Glove Bags QT18 the ultimate solution for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in New Zealand.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Beacon Safety Ltd these 14-18″ Glove Bags are a must-have for any professional in the industry.

With a pack of 10 you’ll have an ample supply to tackle any project with ease. These high-quality bags are specifically engineered to provide a safe and efficient method for asbestos removal.

Crafted from durable materials the Glove Bags QT18 ensure maximum protection against hazardous fibers keeping you and your team safe throughout the process.

Featuring a user-friendly design these bags are easy to use and provide a secure seal preventing any potential contamination.

Trust Beacon Safety Ltd to deliver top-notch products that meet the highest safety standards. Order your pack of Glove Bags QT18 today and experience the difference in quality and performance.

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