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Solo 10L Battery Backpack sprayer (414Li)

SKU: 8000-0280-111

Introducing the Solo 10L Battery Backpack sprayer (414Li) by Beacon Safety Ltd the ultimate solution for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in New Zealand.

This powerful and efficient sprayer is designed to make your spraying tasks easier and more convenient than ever before. With its 10-liter capacity you can cover large areas without the need for constant refilling.

The Solo 10L Battery Backpack sprayer (414Li) is equipped with a reliable and long-lasting battery ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout your workday. Say goodbye to manual pumping and hello to effortless spraying with just the push of a button.

Featuring a comfortable backpack design this sprayer allows for easy mobility and maneuverability even in tight spaces. The adjustable shoulder straps and padded backrest provide maximum comfort reducing fatigue during extended use.

With its durable construction and high-quality materials this sprayer is built to withstand the toughest conditions. The corrosion-resistant tank ensures long-lasting performance while the UV-resistant components protect against sun damage.

The Solo 10L Battery Backpack sprayer (414Li) also offers versatility in application. Whether you need to spray pesticides herbicides fertilizers or cleaning solutions this sprayer can handle it all. The adjustable nozzle allows for precise spraying ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency.

Invest in the Solo 10L Battery Backpack sprayer (414Li) by Beacon Safety Ltd and experience the difference in your spraying tasks. Enhance productivity save time and achieve professional results with this reliable and innovative sprayer. Order yours today and take your construction business to new heights of efficiency and success.

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