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SpillFix – 9L

SKU: 8500-0200-123

Introducing SpillFix – the ultimate solution for spills and leaks in the construction industry. Designed specifically for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses SpillFix is a must-have product for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

With a capacity of 9 liters SpillFix is a powerful absorbent that quickly and effectively soaks up spills of all kinds including oil chemicals and hazardous materials. Its unique formula is made from 100% natural and organic materials making it safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Unlike traditional absorbents SpillFix is lightweight and easy to handle allowing for quick response and cleanup. Its high absorbency rate ensures that spills are contained and eliminated efficiently reducing the risk of accidents and contamination.

Beacon Safety Ltd is proud to offer SpillFix as part of our comprehensive range of safety products. We understand the importance of maintaining a hazard-free workplace and SpillFix is the perfect tool to achieve that. Trust in Beacon Safety Ltd and choose SpillFix for all your spill management needs.

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