TBC Fiberlock 19ltr

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Introducing the TBC Fiberlock 19ltr the ultimate solution for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in New Zealand.

At Beacon Safety Ltd we understand the importance of safety in hazardous environments. That’s why we have carefully curated this top-of-the-line product to ensure the utmost protection for your team and the environment.

The TBC Fiberlock 19ltr is specifically designed to encapsulate and seal asbestos-containing materials preventing the release of harmful fibers into the air. With its advanced formula this product effectively locks in asbestos providing a secure barrier that minimizes the risk of exposure.

Not only does the TBC Fiberlock 19ltr offer exceptional performance but it is also incredibly easy to use. Its user-friendly application allows for quick and efficient coverage saving you valuable time and effort.

Rest assured our product is compliant with all safety regulations and industry standards guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your workers and the surrounding community.

Choose the TBC Fiberlock 19ltr from Beacon Safety Ltd and experience peace of mind knowing that you have invested in a reliable and effective solution for asbestos removal and construction projects. Trust in our expertise and commitment to safety.