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Ultra-Twin IBC HardTop

SKU: 8000-0280-726

The Ultra-Twin IBC HardTop offers a secure, durable solution for storing two IBC tanks outdoors. With its unique upper roll-top and lower swing-out doors, this unit provides easy access while its all-polyethylene construction ensures it won’t rust or corrode. Forkliftable and lockable for enhanced security and mobility, and featuring dual entry for convenient access from both sides. Its substantial size (3,251mm L x 1,702mm W x 2,439mm H) and shared containment capacity of 2,025 litres make it an ideal choice for safe, compliant liquid storage in any outdoor setting.

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An Ultra-Twin IBC HardTop spill containment unit designed to securely house two IBC tanks. This robust, weather-resistant structure features a lockable, hard-top cover to protect against unauthorized access and environmental elements. Constructed from durable polyethylene, it offers excellent chemical resistance. The unit includes a spill pallet base with ample containment capacity to prevent leaks and spills from contaminating the workspace. Ideal for safe and compliant storage of hazardous materials in industrial and commercial settings. + A pH7 IBC Spill Pallet designed for containing leaks and spills from intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). This robust spill pallet is made from high-density polyethylene, offering excellent chemical resistance and durability. It features a large containment capacity to comply with spill prevention regulations, ensuring environmental safety. The pallet includes a grated floor for easy placement and retrieval of IBCs, and is equipped with forklift slots for convenient transport and positioning. Its design prioritizes both functionality and compliance, making it an essential component for safe chemical storage and handling in industrial settings.
Price for both: $23,081.30
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