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Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet

SKU: 8500-0200-193

Introducing the Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet the ultimate safety gear for Asbestos Removal Contractors Demolition Companies and all Construction related businesses in New Zealand.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Beacon Safety Ltd this helmet is built to provide unparalleled protection and versatility in hazardous work environments.

Crafted with the highest quality materials the Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet offers exceptional durability and reliability. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance making it a valuable investment for professionals in the industry.

Equipped with advanced features this helmet guarantees optimal safety. The integrated face shield provides full-face protection against flying debris dust and harmful particles safeguarding your eyes and face from potential hazards. The adjustable chin strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions.

The Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet is also compatible with various accessories allowing you to customize it according to your specific needs. Whether you require additional hearing protection communication devices or lighting attachments this helmet can be easily adapted to meet your requirements.

With its sleek and modern design the Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet not only offers exceptional functionality but also enhances your professional appearance. Its vibrant color options allow you to stand out on the job site ensuring visibility and promoting safety awareness.

Invest in the Zero Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet from Beacon Safety Ltd and experience the highest level of protection and comfort. Trust in our commitment to safety and choose a helmet that exceeds industry standards. Stay safe stay confident with Beacon Safety Ltd.

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