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Scott P3 Filter PF10 Pro2000 Safety Filters: Does a reusable filter block viruses?

Scott P3 Filter PF10 Pro2000 Safety Filters: Does a reusable filter block viruses?

Reusable Scott P3 Filter PF10 Pro2000 Safety filters such as these do protect the user from viruses.

It is important though to consider a few things when establishing the efficiency to filter out viruses.

The Scott P3 Filter PF10 Pro2000 has a very fine mesh that works by filtering the virus particles preventing them from being inhaled by the user. Most particles are big enough to be filtered by the mesh, however, there are instances where particles will be too small to be blocked.  Before making your final selection it is essential that you check the Scott Safety ‘Filter Selection Guide’

Read Scott Safety ‘Filter Selection Guide’ here 

As much as reusable filters protect against the inhalation of viruses, it is important to consider certain risk factors that can impact how effective this protection is. These factors include:

  • The viruses concentration in the space
  • The filter’s capacity
  • Breathing volume
  • The humidity and temperature of the air

All of these can influence how effective the filter will be in protecting you.  This should be established early on to ensure the user is kept safe.

The user should also have a properly fitted mask to ensure maximum protection.  This can be done through a face fit test that must be carried out by an experienced and trusted supplier.

More about the Scott Safety filters:

Scott Safety’s Pro 2000 PF10 P3 Particle Filter is designed with exceptionally low breathing for greater comfort over long periods of use.

Pro2000 PF10 filters for Scott masks offers a standard 40mm thread that makes it compatible for use on the Proflow, Powerflow, and Autoflow PAPR systems, as well as the other full face masks and the Aviva 40 half mask.

The Pro2000 respirator filters offer protection against Solid and liquid particles of toxic agents, radioactive substances, and micro-organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses. Suitable for asbestos handling and removal.

Looking after your dust mask filter and masks is essential to keeping you and your team safe. Follow the Scott Safety care advice:

  • Breathing resistance is a key sign that the filter needs replacing and is potentially not offering maximum protection
  • Only use once when working with radioactive substances or micro-organisms as a recommendation
  • Scott particle filters offer a 10-year shelf life
  • Inspect the packaging to make sure it has not been damaged before use
  • Scott particle filters use only microfibre ‘paper’ media and, therefore, do not use any electrostatic filtering methods.

Pro2000 Scott filters are certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012, marked ‘R’ for re-usable and connect via a 40 mm thread.

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If you have any other questions or need some help with RPE for you or your team, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team, who will be happy to help you further.