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What are the advantages of h-class vacuum cleaners

What are the advantages of h-type vacuum cleaners?

H-class vacuum cleaners are advantageous as they reduce the disruption of dust or hazardous material particles when cleaning up on-site. They allow for the safer removal and disposal of dangerous materials without the risk to construction workers. This also helps reduce exposure through the inhalation of dangerous particles by workers or other teams in the surrounding area.

What is an h-type vacuum cleaner?

H-type vacuum cleaners are designed for the safer clearing and disposal of dangerous particles and hazardous materials on-site. They are manufactured with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that filters dangerous particles down to at least 0.3 microns. 

What types of h-type vacuum cleaners?

There are two different types of h-type vacuum cleaner. First one is a standard design that comes with a HEPA pre-filter and has a bag to collect the dust particles. This style must still be used within an enclosure when clearing and disposing of hazardous materials such as asbestos. The other is a SafeChange, this model collects the hazardous dust particles in a sealed pod, meaning it is safe to use outside of a controlled environment. It also comes with a HEPA filter as standard. 

Should you wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) when using an h-class vacuum?

It is essential to wear RPE when carrying out any type of demolition or construction work. This is to reduce the inhalation of a range of dust particles than can have detrimental health impacts later in life. Standard h-type vacuum cleaners should also be used within a controlled environment to ensure any dangerous particles are contained. 

Important considerations when hiring h-type vacuum cleaners

Asbestos vacuum cleaners should have an up-to-date service or examination certificate if h. These need to be carried out at regular intervals, which should be at least every six months. The best practice would be to check these over after every time they hire, this is to ensure they remain safe to use and are in good working order. It is essential they are not damaged making them unsafe to use. Check with your supplier about their processes.

H-class vacuum cleaners should not be seen as just beneficial when working with hazardous materials like asbestos but with any type of construction on industrial clean-up where there is a high risk of exposure to dust particles. Asbestos vacuum cleaners are versatile, meaning they are ideal when clearing up after drilling, grinding and sanding etc. on-site. 

It is essential that standard vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are not used when working with hazardous materials such as asbestos. 

Beacon Safety stocks a wide range of Kerstar and SafeChange asbestos vacuum cleaners in various sizes depending on the requirements of a project. Buy or Hire options are available. As stated above, h-type vacuum cleaners should be serviced at regular intervals to ensure they remain safe to use and maintain optimum performance. Our experienced team are trained to carry out routine maintenance and servicing. Contact Us to find out more or book your equipment in for a service.